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Does this describes you?

Your impulse is to follow your obsession with art, not thinking of it as your livelihood in the financial sense, but in the realm of healing and nourishment. You use it to heal the inner wounds, to tap into all of those shitty feelings that you've had to bury because they made you feel alone, afraid, or so angry that you would destroy the world in a blink of an eye. Are artwork are artifacts to the the buried things.

And somehow you're also expected to find a way to keep a roof over your head, food on the table, and other seemingly impossible responsibilities.

You're truly not the labels you've been diagnosed with. The world is overwhelming and hard. While the rest of the world expects you to pick yourself up and dust yourself off, we're chilling in the dirt alongside you. We're in this together.

In solidarity with others like you, to be seen and known and acknowledged, or simply to get something off your chest - there are so many reasons to share your story. It can be about anything so long as it's 200 words or less. We'll highlight you on our website and/or on our Instagram channel (with your permission first!). If you would like to remain anonymous, feel free to note this. We'll share your story on our website only.


Welcome to the Artistic Type

Hey there! Welcome to The Artistic Type, a thriving online community that's got one foot in the digital world and one foot on solid ground. You an artist, writer, or just navigating life while also dealing with mental health stuff? We see you, we feel you, and most of all, we celebrate you. Share your stories of crazy passions, your creative journey, and your mental health experiences. We'll shine a spotlight on these narratives on our website and Instagram, giving others a chance to see, connect, and feel seen.

Looking for creative collaboration? Say less. Join our online community for our signature 'Sessions', where members come together to create something unique. We're all about creating and shaping the weird and wonderful, together. And check this: we hold in-person weekend workshops and free online meetups. So keep an eye out for our event updates and open calls. This is your shot to get involved, grow, and add a little bit of your own flavor into our community. So why wait? Dive into the unexpected with The Artistic Type.

  • our first workshop is around the corner -

fall 2023

Embrace the Experimental:

A Weekend-Long Creative Exploration

Embrace the Experimental is a unique, weekend-long workshop where women art-makers can unleash their creative potential and explore the multidisciplinary nature of art and writing. Over the course of this innovative program, participants are encouraged to embrace their individuality and challenge artistic boundaries. With an array of materials at your disposal, such as writing supplies, art materials, selected readings from various artistic movements, and a projector for presentations, you are set to embark on a creative journey unlike any other.

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