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Are you a coach or thought leader?

It’s unbelievably fulfilling for me to support those who’ve got the grit, resilience, and know-how to inspire and energize their people. But, let’s get real for a sec: botching a self-help book is a piece of cake. Just grab a hot topic, throw in a sob story, and bam, you’re off to the races. But audiences are hungry for authentic, down-to-earth stories that prove anything’s achievable. And guess what? I’m here to help you make that magic happen. Click the button below and let’s talk!

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Are you an author, artist, or visionary?

You’re my people! As an artist myself, I’ve burned countless hours wrestling with words for my websites, blogs, social media, and all that jazz. You’d think as a pro writer, I’d breeze through it. But hey, nothing kills the vibe like pausing your masterpiece to fiddle with a newsletter. So, let me take the word-wrangling off your hands, and you can get back to your creative bliss. Click below, and let’s talk about how I can set you free.

Got a vision to share?

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Welcome to Spark & Wise!

Hey there! I’m Christina Cicchelli, founder of The Artistic Type. As a seasoned writer, editor, and coach, I’m passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs and individuals with unique mental health journeys like you create content that truly shines. Time is your most valuable resource, and I’m here to save you loads of it by taking content creation off your plate, so you can focus on growing your business and doing the things you love.

Grab a cup of coffee (or your beverage of choice), and let’s elevate your brand together with powerful, time-saving content that establishes you as the go-to expert in your field, and personalized coaching that supports your growth.

More about me!

Not only am I the creative force behind Spark & Wise, but I’m so much more. I’m a professional content creator, film editor, and artist. I bring over a decade of writing and editing expertise to empower entrepreneurs and creative professionals. Because I’m passionate about crafting compelling stories, I’ve made it my mission to help clients amplify their brands and share their unique messages with the world.

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Opt for any combo of these time-saving services I’ve laid out here. For all your content marketing and creative cravings, I’ve bundled these offerings into sweet, purdy packages (they’re gift-wrapped and everything!). You’re going to do a double take when you realize you’ve been given your time back to prioritize your personal life.


I bring a personal touch and dedication to every project, ensuring your content shines along the way.

Personalized coaching to help you thrive in your business and navigate personal challenges

Expert Ghostwriting: High-quality, engaging content tailored to your voice and vision

Content Strategy & Planning: Results-driven strategies to grow your brand’s impact

Editing: Polished, error-free content that showcases your expertise

Need help but don’t know where to start?

Here are just a few examples on the type of superhero packages offered to make your life easier!

The Course Creator

Got wisdom to share? Let’s create a course that’ll change lives! The Course Creator package helps you transform your expertise into an engaging, interactive, and profitable learning experience. We’ll strategize, write, and edit your course content, then design a marketing plan to make sure your masterpiece gets the attention it deserves.

The Brand Builder

Ready to make your mark on the world? The Brand Builder package is here to help you craft a kickass brand identity that resonates. We’ll work together to develop your brand voice, messaging, and visuals, then optimize your website copy and bio to make sure you stand out in the digital jungle.

The Content Conqueror

Drowning in content chaos? Fear not, the Content Conqueror package is here to save the day! We’ll strategize a content plan that covers your blog, social media, and email marketing. Plus, we’ll create compelling copy that’s true to your brand, engaging your audience and growing your tribe like never before.

Don’t see what you need? I got your covered!

Why Choose The Artistic Type

At The Artistic Type, you’ll experience a customized approach to content creation and coaching, backed by years of expertise and a genuine passion for helping creative entrepreneurs and individuals with unique mental health journeys like you shine. But the real kicker? My services are designed to save you time. By letting me handle your content creation and offering personalized coaching, you can focus on what truly matters – running your business and enjoying your life.

Bespoke attention: I dive deep into your vision and one-of-a-kind needs, guaranteeing a personalized experience and an oh-so-thoughtful touch with every project.

Skills and soul: With a writing career that’s as varied as my life experiences, I’m all in for creating content that’s not just spot-on but brimming with empathy too.

Small-batch goodness: High standards? Check! Tokens of gratitude from yours truly? Double-check! A heartfelt approach to your project? You bet! In short, I’m a hoot to work with (because, let’s face it, writing sucks sometimes!).

Ready to reclaim your time and elevate your brand?

Let’s make it happen! Book a consultation now, and let Spark and Wise be your secret weapon in the battle for time and success.

Consultations are a great time to see if we’re a good fit. From there we discuss what you need, why I’m the right lady for the job, and how we can work together. Not all services need a consultation, but you should expect to have a chitty-chitty-chat-chat with me if you’d like me to work on a long-form project or you’re interested in one of the packages.

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